The Justirisers (2004) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 27 – 51 (END)


Justirisers Wiki Official Description:

The series revolves around three humans named Shouta Date, Yuka Sanada and Shinya Hiraga who one day finds themself as the new heroes of the planet Earth.

Long ago, an alien from Azure Planet named Nolun was battling an evil lord named Kaiser Hades. After a long fight between good and evil, Nolun’s army won and Kaiser Hades was sealed somewhere in Earth.

After so many years, Kaiser Hades returnes with his partner named Dr. Zora. Both of them decides to conquer Earth and sends monsters such as the Zakoal, Cyber Knights and his large monsters named the Space Beasts to attack Earth. Seeing this, Nolun gives part of her powers to Shouta, Yuka and Shinya so they can transform and become the Justirisers! Armed with special powers and the Genseishin and supported by Mio, Reika and many other humans, the Justirisers are on the mission to defeat Kaiser Hades and his army.

The Justirisers (VCD, Nyaa/Anidex END)



Transformers Victory (1989) Hong Kong-English Dubbed; Episodes 01 – 38 (END)

“V! V! Victory! Transformers Victory!” -Opening


The second to be dubbed into English by our old friends at Omni Productions, Transformers Victory is the third in the Japanese-exclusive series of Transformers produced by Takara Tomy and Toei Animation following Headmasters and Masterforce. It was aired in the late-90s to early-2000s in Singapore (Star TV) and Malaysia (RTM1, 1998) as a way of selling the toys which have become available in their respective markets (supposedly).

In 2004, all three of these series would see a home video release on VCD licensed by New View TV & Media (which, if I’m not wrong, costed about $30 brand-new for one of the pressings of Headmasters). Years later, clips of the Headmasters dub (which was produced after Victory) would surface, causing bemusement among the Western Transformers community. 2018 rolled around and the dubs of Masterforce and Victory surfaced too, but from a different source – a bootleg DVD from (presumably) Malaysia using art from the Michael Bay series of Transformers movies.

But for the first time since its release 15 years ago, we have managed to procure the original VCD version which, while not too different from the bootleg, explains where this screenshot came from:


As for the VCD’s description:

The year is 2025 AD, and the Decepticons led by the malevolent Deszaras have continued their path of terror through the galaxies, plundering planet after planet in search of a new base of operations to launch their final invasion. Their arch-foes, the Autobots, now lead by the powerful Star Saber, set up residence on Earth, keeping vigilance over the planet and others in the solar system as part of a supreme Space Defence Force to halt the decepticon armada before they seize control of the universe.

Please enjoy the release.

Transformers Victory (01 – 38 END, Nyaa/Anidex)


Ultraman Taro (1973) Malaysian-English Dubbed; Episodes 19 & 20


“Taro! Ultraman…number six!” -Ultraman Taro opening

Bet you didn’t this one coming – straight from VCD (which in turn came from the folks at Tsuburaya, Vision Network Pte Ltd (the Singapore distributor)/Spectrum Entertainment (Malaysia) and of course the folks who dubbed this in Malaysia), we have unearthed two new episodes of Ultraman Taro!

No thanks, however, to Chaiyo Productions in Thailand whose masters look like butt and sound like butt (just compare this to the dub for Tiga which sounds good and looks good – relatively, of course, since we’re talking VCD quality). You might think this would be an unfair comparison (after all, both are two decades apart), but if both Ultraman series can come out on BD and look good (the VCD releases also came out 2004 for both of these), you’ll start to scratch your head as to why the video you’re looking at and hearing is, well, not good.

Everything that has been said about Chaiyo probably has been said, so I won’t bore you with that. For some reason, though, I feel like the script of this show feels a bit like it was received from Chaiyo themselves. Did they translate the script for the dubbers? Was a more competent scriptwriter available? Who knows…?

In any case, hope you enjoy (TsuPro probably hopes so too).


Mobile Suit Gundam Ms igLoo: The Hidden One-Year War (2004) Singapore-English Dubbed: OVAs 01 – 03


It’s been a while since we released anything, hasn’t it? Well, not to fear, we haven’t sputtered out of existence – because here’s another release for all the mecha folks browsing.


The fleets from the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation Forces face off for an important battle. Away from the frontline, the 603 Technical Evaluation Unit onboard the Jotunheim wait for the chance to use Jormungand, their anti-ship cannon, in the battle


The 603 Technical Evaluation Unit receives its next task: to conduct ground tests on Hildolfr, a huge mobile tank that’s supposedly outdated. What will be Hildolfr’s destiny as it fights its final battle in the desert?


An accident during the final tests of EMS-10 Zudah, the newest addition to 603 Technical Evaluation Unit, uncovers a great defect of the Zudah. However, Commander Duvall, the test pilot, chooses not to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, the 603 Technical Evaluation Unit is instructed to save Zeon soldiers who have escaped from Earth.

To be honest, I haven’t seen a single minute of Gundam before these came along, and I’d just like to know where a good place is to start. I’ve been told that honour belongs to Gundam SEED. But what are your opinions?

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Ms igLoo: The Hidden One-Year War (Anidex, Nyaa)



Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers (2006) Malaysian-English Dubbed


While I haven’t seen a single episode of any Ultraman other than Gaia (which I watched about a dozen of), I’m still pleased to report that you can in fact watch Ultraman movies without needing to know much of the context within. This way both newbies and people familiar to the show will both enjoy it, even if for some people it will be a time-waster due to it not belonging to the show’s canon. After all, the larger demographic targeted the more money you’ll make, right?

That being said, let’s look at our Malaysian-dubbed movie today, Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Brothers from 2006 released on VCD and DVD in Singapore by Scorpio East Entertainment and Malaysia by Speedy:

Twnety years ago in Japan, the Ultraman Brothers (Ultraman Seven, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Jack) were fighting a deadly foe. By joining forces, they managed to defeat the monster after a long and harsh battle. However, to seal the monster in the waters of Kobe, Japan, they were forced to sacrifice part of their cosmic powers – the ability to transform. As a result, the Ultraman Brothers quietly retired into normal human society. Twenty years later, Ultraman Mebius travels to Kobe to investigate an “evil presence” that has surrounded the area. True enough, the monster has risen from the sea with the help from alien allied forces…

If you watched Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers (from 2008), it seems as though this movie is its predecessor with the absence of Tiga, Dyna, Gaia and Cosmos – so by definition, this should be a more character-focused movie. But whether it really is, I personally do not have a clue just yet…

Features Chinese and English subtitles (of which the latter was derived from the former anyway, probably) for added enjoyment*.

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers (DVD, DDL/Anidex/Nyaa)


*enjoyment not guaranteed.

Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO Apocalyse 0079 (2006) Singapore-English Dubbed; OVAs 01 – 03


Unexpectedly showing up in a visit to a thrift store and probably unexpectedly appearing in your feed, today we have the Singapore-English Dubbed version of MS Igloo 0079 released by Odex! Or at least, it was said that this was dubbed in Singapore with Anime News Network only crediting the dubbing of the show to the privately-listed company.


The One Year War approaches its peak in December as the main battleground moves from Earth to space. The 603 Technical Evaluation Unit has been instructed to conduct tests on the Mobile Diver System, a special weapon which will be operated by a marine, Sub lieutenant Werner Holbein.


The Principality is pushed into further chaos after Solomon falls at the hands of the Federation Forces. As a result, the Engineer Department is forced to dispatch “Oggo”, their offensive mobile pods. Meanwhile, the 603 Technical Evaluation unit is integrated into the Kuspen Combat Battalion and instructed to defend the battle line.


The time has finally arrived. The Kuspen Combat Battalion is given the mission of protecting the E Field of the asteroid fortress A Baoa Qu even at the cost of their lives. What will be the fate of the young soldiers of Zeon in the final battle?

If the above is true, this would also be the last production(s) dubbed in Singapore by Voiceovers Unlimited and released by Odex Pte Ltd. with the last TV production being Toei’s Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (2005) aired in 2007 on television. And to think they actually did pretty well for these OVAs, its kind of sad to see the crew disappear like this (Odex would release subbed anime for Arts Central/Arts@Okto before exclusively releasing movies in the city-state).

Gundam MS Igloo Apocalypse 0079 (DVD, Nyaa/Anidex)


Movie Saturdays: Ultraman Gaia – The Battle in Hyperspace (1999) Hong Kong-English Dubbed

“When will you ever grow up, watching Ultraman all the time?”


Speedy DVD description:


Nine-year-old Tsutomu discovers a strange glowing red stone with the power to make wishes come true, but the meanest bully in school uses it to create a gigantic, evil monster. Now Tsutomu can realise his own heart’s desire to meet his hero, Agent Gamu of the XIG team, the human alter ego of the mighty Ultraman Gaia! The skyscraper-sized silver and red superhero takes on a glowing army of monster with the aid of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Ultraman Dyna, pitting this intrepid trio of good guys fighting against the forces of darkness in a blistering battle over the future of Earth! Packed with explosive special effects and exciting action, “Ultraman Gaia: The Battle in Hyperspace” is a dazzling entry in the popular Ultraman saga that raises the bar for spectacular entertainment!

Ooh, I’d bet! Scorpio’s East description is the same, just without the “Packed with explosive special effects” preamble which was probably used by Tsuburaya to pitch the movie for television.

While I enjoyed the movie a lot (I watched the Malay dub personally), I wouldn’t exactly say it’s ‘spectacular entertainment’ but hey, you could do far worse. This movie is pretty good for what it is, even to newcomers of the Ultra franchise. I’d recommend it.

Ultraman Gaia – The Battle in Hyperspace (VCD/DVD)