Masked Rider Black-RX (1988) Malaysian-English Dubbed; Various Episodes


We jump back on the Masked Rider train with a dub from an uncommon place – Malaysia!

To date, the only time they had anything to do with Rider in English (Malay audiences have seen various dubs from them, including the Den-O movie) was their version of Toshiki Inoue’s Masked Rider The Next was released onto the Internet by our friends at OZC-Live complete with a small cut (does that sound like an oxymoron to you?), but now, we are honoured to release their only-known series dub which saw a VCD release.

And what an interesting choice for it to be Black-RX, too, as a Malay dub of the original Black did air for schoolboys at around 5:30PM around the 90s (known as Ksatria Baja Hitam in TV listings and in the show known as “Suria Perkasa Hitam”). I suppose since it wasn’t as well-received as the original, the rights for it wouldn’t be as expensive – but then why would they take Jetman rather than Fiveman? Who knows – but the mystery for this series doesn’t stop there…

What kind of adventures will Kotaro get into this time? Let’s find out!

Masked Rider Black-RX (DDL/Nyaa/Anidex)


Crush Gear Nitro (2003) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 10 – 12


And we have come to the end of what we have for this series!

Episode 10: The Gear Club Commotion

The years Gear Koshien is here again! It’s the annual National Crush Gear Championship but Masaru, Hide and TB can’t join the competition unless they manage to get into their school club and form a team. A very powerful girl manages the school club, so can the boys take her on?

Episode 11: The Thrilling Gear Koshien

The Gear Koshien is about to start. There can only be one winning team, will the boys emerge victorious against serious contended Akusawa Yu? But that’s not the only problems the boys have when Masaru fails a school test and is prevented from joining the tournament!

Episode 12: The Finals! Yuu VS Masaru

Teacher Kevin keeps Masaru’s gear, so how is he going to fight Akusawa Yu in the finals? Will Akusawa Yu win by default? The Kodama Gear Club faces one of their biggest crises unless Teacher Kevin will help.

Check back soon for Rockman.EXE!

Crush Gear Nitro (VCD, 10 – 12 – password is XWCEfnIBRMdEbAUdE4v4pQ)


Crush Gear Nitro (2003) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 07 – 09


You know the drill. (No pun intended, since Crush Gears actually use drills in the show)

Episode 07

Everyone possesses the IOD except Masaru. Ginjiro works to help Masaru get the IOD for his Machjustic. The 24-hour Knockout Gear Fight begins and Hide makes good progress by winning in the various rounds. Masaru feels frustrated without the IOD.

Episode 08

Masaru gets his IOD and gets special training from Ginjiro. Masaru learns the importance of synchronising the Gear’s heartbeat and the timing of the IOD. Kouda challenges Masaru for his first IOD battle but Masaru is ill prepared for his first battle.

Episode 09

Teacher Funaki bans Gear fights in school! No one is allowed to have gears in their possession within the school compound. Natsumi suspects that Teacher Funaki is in love and Masaru challenges Teacher Funaki’s boyfriend for a Gear fight.

You won’t want to take your eyes off this!

Crush Gear Nitro (VCD, 07 – 09 – password is XWCEfnIBRMdEbAUdE4v4pQ)


Crush Gear Nitro (2003) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 04 – 06


Continuing on from where we left off, we’ve got the fourth through sixth episodes of  Crush Gear Nitro! Let’s find out what will happen in these episodes.

Episode 04: The Mysterious Boy

The mysterious boy TB shows up for a gear fight with Hide. TB introduces his gear, the Thunderbreaker and all is in awe of his machine. Meanwhile, ZET gang is all out to capture TB. Masaru and his brother goes to TB’s aid and a gear fight breaks out between Masaru and the ZET gang.

Episode 05: The Search for Juliette

The school is organising a play “Romeo and Juliet” and TB lands himself the role of Juliet! Dressed as Juliet, TB meets Kouda and helps Kouda to believe in the power of Gear fighting again. TB and Masaru invite Kouda to join in their tam but he declines preferring to Gear fight alone.

Episode 06: Chase On, King Shubarutsu

Akusawa Yu’s King Shubarutsu goes missing. Someone has stolen his gear! The thief is none other than Masaru’s dad. What is happening and will Akusawa Yu get his gear back. It’s the battle of the parents in this episode.

As you can see, things are heating up between them. What will happen?

Crush Gear Nitro (VCD, 04 – 06 – password XWCEfnIBRMdEbAUdE4v4pQ)


Crush Gear Nitro (2003) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 01 – 03


The sequel to Crush Gear Turbo with a revamped storyline, new characters and merchandise to buy (yeah, they’ve been doing this business model for years, much to no one’s surprise), today we have the Singapore-English dubbed version of Crush Gear Nitro starring Christian J Lee and Jamie Meldrum (the latter as Ginjiro, according to this source) which aired on Cartoon Network Philippines and MediaCorp Kids Central (in Singapore) and later released to VCD by Poh Kim there. At least 12 dubbed episodes are known to exist.

I personally liked Crush Gear Turbo (I watched the Hong Kong-English dub of that which was actually quite good), it was a simple and straightforward “stubborn 10 year old kid lost his father, he gathers up friends and makes his way to the top” kind of show much like Pokemon and later Inazuma Eleven – but the battles in this anime are fought with these motorised vehicles called Crush Gears who compete to topple the other one over beyond hope. There’s also impact in the right areas: drama between characters (including a rich antagonist) and a LOT of sparks flying everywhere.

But the sequel – well, I don’t have a lot of hope for it, sorry to say. Here is what happens in each episode though!

Episode 1: Let’s Move to the Heartbeat of the Gear!

Meet the new boy in town – Mahha Masaru. He befriends Crush Kid and gets himself a new gear the Garuda Phoenix. Meanwhile, the Sanama Lab has invented a new system called the IOD.

Episode 2: Hide Fights Back!

Mahha Masaru has been appointed to take over as the new Crush Kid but he is reluctant. The Crush Kid has to settle disputes with his gear fighting and Masaru thinks he is not ready for that. Meanwhile, Hide steals a new gear, the Wing Raptor, from the Sanama lab and is found out by Akusawa Yu.

Episode 03: The Awakening! Mach Justice

Akusawa Yu – the genius gear fighter meets Mahha Masaru for a deadly duel. Yu uses his new gear, King Shubarutsu and destroys Garuda Phoenix by using the new IOD. Gingiro coaches Masaru on the most basic and important element of gear fighting and surprises Masaru with a new gear he made for him. Mach Justice becomes Masaru’s new and almost unbeatable new gear.

What adventures will our protagonists face next? Find out soon!

Crush Gear Nitro (VCD, 01 – 03 – password is XWCEfnIBRMdEbAUdE4v4pQ)


Ultra Star God Gransazer (2003) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 02 – 51 (END)


Description (taken from Poh Kim VCD):

Many millennia ago, a highly advanced civilization flourished on earth. At the extreme of luxury, the human race decided to venture into space. The audacious project met with hostility from the Astral Allies. With nothing in common, total war broke out between the two sides. The earthly civilization was completely defeated and forever consigned to oblivion, leaving no trace of its existence to its successors.

The present day. A different civilization has been rebuilt on earth and appears to peacefully enjoy its prosperity. Unbeknownst to humankind, however, the Astral Allies are plotting another invasion of the Earth.

Only twelve people possess the keys to save the earth. Belonging to the four water tribes of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water, they have the power to  mobilize the Gransazers, ultimate battle suits developed by the ancient civilization that were never actually used. Gradually, they are awakened to their sacred mission and decide to join forces to order to save us from annihilation again!

Now the only missing episode is the very first one. Maybe someone can step forward and share it so that we can get the entire series 🙂

Ultra Star God Gransazer (02 – 51 END, Nyaa)



The Justirisers (2004) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 27 – 51 (END)


Justirisers Wiki Official Description:

The series revolves around three humans named Shouta Date, Yuka Sanada and Shinya Hiraga who one day finds themself as the new heroes of the planet Earth.

Long ago, an alien from Azure Planet named Nolun was battling an evil lord named Kaiser Hades. After a long fight between good and evil, Nolun’s army won and Kaiser Hades was sealed somewhere in Earth.

After so many years, Kaiser Hades returnes with his partner named Dr. Zora. Both of them decides to conquer Earth and sends monsters such as the Zakoal, Cyber Knights and his large monsters named the Space Beasts to attack Earth. Seeing this, Nolun gives part of her powers to Shouta, Yuka and Shinya so they can transform and become the Justirisers! Armed with special powers and the Genseishin and supported by Mio, Reika and many other humans, the Justirisers are on the mission to defeat Kaiser Hades and his army.

The password for the direct download link is F!fvpUhYqa!4GJFRpLo9czZJdBaGrxvqw.

The Justirisers (VCD, DDL/Nyaa/Anidex END)